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AW-Archives: no.2 A Silhouette


We are all so keenly attuned to our current social norms: Step back. Keep your distance.

But from here, take a peek at the silhouette of the subject(s) before you.

Does its profile, stature, or posture in fact reveal the underlying attitude of the subject in the distance? And do the surroundings that frame this subject heighten its persona...or challenge the portrait’s character?

- Anika

Here’s a look back through the ARCHIVES of our project portraits.


01 Gemma Observatory 02 Left of Passage, Right of Passage

03 Blue Rock House 04 Medomak River House

05 Boardwalk House 06 Red Rock House 07 Amherst Residence 08 Ankara Office Tower

09 Farnsworth Museum The Homestead Project

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