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AW was invited to make a design proposal for exhibition that re-envisions the Farnsworth Museum, incorporating a contemporary interpretation of the founders’ original Homestead within the public museum campus. In this context, it poses provocative questions regarding family, community, and the boundaries between them.

Rockland, ME


Education, Residential

Exhibit, Museum 



Farnsworth Art Museum

Our proposal for the Homestead Project seeks to define the Farnsworth campus with a new landscape that shapes the site’s private and public use. We expand the public footprint of the museum with a series of outdoor “rooms” framed by linear masonry walls and deciduous trees, creating a unified campus from the collage of buildings that have accumulated over time.

For the family home, we inflect traditional house elements, such as lawn, driveway, and window to increase the sense of privacy, reduce the building’s footprint, and enhance the quality of daylight on the interior. The building envelope, like other elements of the project, provides an opportunity to rethink the typology of the traditional wood house. Our proposal wraps the Homestead with a contemporary, small-scale panel material to create both a sculptural form and a uniform surface that is punctuated by porches, windows, and bays within a singular vocabulary.

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