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AW-Archives: no.1 The Staircase


Stairs offer up a physical space to linger in a state of suspension. We can be in limbo, between levels.  Whether embedded or objectified in a larger plan, staircases provide relief and discretion, or can catalyze our exposure and interaction with something or someone else. And while upon entering the threshold of a staircase, the end point often overshadows the vantage point, sometimes we can suspend the pragmatic mental tasks ahead and simply focus on the mechanical task of moving ahead.

- Anika

Here’s a look back through the ARCHIVES of our staircases.


01 Filmmakers House 08 Red Rock House 02 Courtyard House 09 American Meteorological Society 03/13 Spark Street House 10 Bascule Ramp 04 The Suburban 11 Telluride Retreat 05 The American Indian 14 Highland Street House

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