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September 22, 2021


AW-ARCH is pleased to announce the elevation of Mazen Sakr to Principal. Mazen has been an essential member of AW’s team since he joined the office in 2007, contributing to the design and construction innovation our firm is known for, and now leading project research and execution.   


Mazen’s resourcefulness and engagement have substantially influenced AW’s office culture. Within the firm, he is sought out by junior staff as a mentor and by senior leadership as an invaluable collaborator. The unusual ease with which he develops rapport with others has helped define AW’s relationships with peers, associates, and


clients. His capacity to think creatively and without restraint has made him a respected design partner within AW and with colleague firms, contributing to our enduring relationships. He relishes creating projects with public impact, demonstrated by his significant participation in such diverse projects as the Ankara Office Tower, the Knafel Center at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute, Boardwalk House, Gemma Observatory, Amman Design Week’s Left of Passage / Right of Passage, and Community Rowing, Inc.


A committed educator, Mazen is a Lecturer of Architectural Design in Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences, where he has established new courses in design thinking that focus on descriptive geometry, representation, composition, and spatial constructs. Additional pursuits include serving as juror at numerous architectural schools, including Harvard University, American University of Beirut, and Northeastern University. He is founder of The Lebanon Architect, an online journal for writing and building in Lebanon and the immediate region, and is a member of the City of Watertown’s Architecture Committee.   


Mazen’s rise to leadership was inevitable, and his new position is much deserved. 


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