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The Encampment is a public installation that aggregates a series of tent-like structures forming strands of occupiable space. Small courtyards punctuate these strands, isolating distinct experiences and perceptually altering common expectations of enclosure, movement, and repose.


The system is reminiscent of the regular forms and organizational order of historic encampment configurations, but the structures achieve experiential complexity with simple components and fabrication techniques. Paired frames shingled with translucent, polypropylene tiles gradually transform from “A” typologies to “X” typologies by incrementally shifting their intersection points. This creates a formal and spatial plasticity suggestive of the installation’s diverse interpretations. The tiles, which are of a standard dimension, are laid with variable overlaps in order to negotiate the continually changing spatial experience, creating an envelope whose translucency also changes as inhabitants move through the installation.


Installation, R+D



As the strands of Encampment are segmented and then shifted to form a series of thresholds and micro-courtyards, they manipulate both interior and exterior access to the installation and provide experiences for personal interpretation. The installation becomes an expression of linked spaces that creates a simultaneous understanding of the front and back of an undulating surface, a perception that changes as each inhabitant occupies and then moves through the structure.

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