Welcome to AW-ARCHIVES!  With the launch of this new visual platform, we are excited to take deep dives into our past, and to rediscover or uncover previously unseen themes in our work and research. By focusing our eyes on a single sliver of visual content that cuts across our discipline and collection of work throughout the years, what provocations will be revealed? 

no. 01


Stairs offer up a physical space to linger in a state of suspension. We can be in limbo, between levels. 


Whether embedded or objectified in a larger plan, staircases provide relief and discretion, or can catalyze our exposure and interaction with something or someone else.


And while upon entering the threshold of a staircase, the end point often overshadows the vantage point, sometimes we can suspend the pragmatic mental tasks ahead and simply focus on the mechanical task of moving ahead.


Here’s a look back through the ARCHIVES of our staircases.


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